The Most Memorable Celebrity Pranks and Practical Jokes


The Most Memorable Celebrity Pranks and Practical Jokes

Throughout the years, celebrities have not only captivated us with their talents but have also entertained us with their playful and mischievous side. Whether it’s April Fools’ Day or any other random day of the year, these celebrities have pulled off some epic pranks and practical jokes that are forever etched in our memories. Let’s take a look at a few of the most memorable celebrity pranks:

1. George Clooney’s Cat Litter Surprise


In 2013, actor George Clooney got into some harmless trouble while shooting a movie. He managed to convince the film’s crew members that one of his cats had an issue with defecating outside its litter box. Clooney proceeded to collect the “evidence” and secretly placed it in a small wooden box, which he then left in the actor’s trailer. The crew was disgusted until they discovered it was just chocolate-covered cookies shaped like cat feces!

2. Justin Bieber’s 21st Birthday Surprise


When pop sensation Justin Bieber turned 21, he thought he was attending a private dinner with close friends. Little did he know, his friend and comedian Jimmy Fallon had planned an elaborate prank. As Bieber sat in a quiet restaurant expecting a serene celebration, a group of waiters suddenly burst into a coordinated dance routine, surprising the unsuspecting singer. The prank turned his relatively low-key birthday dinner into a memorable and entertaining event.

3. Ellen DeGeneres’ Bathroom Scare


Known for pranks on her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres once teamed up with musician Taylor Swift to surprise Taylor’s close friend, actress Gigi Hadid. While Gigi was being interviewed by Ellen in the bathroom, Taylor secretly hid in the adjacent bathroom area. As Gigi was talking, Taylor emerged, leaving her startled and screaming. The hilarious scare prank not only left Gigi shocked but also amused the audience and viewers.

4. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Red Carpet Antics


Sacha Baron Cohen, famous for his eccentric characters, pulled off one of the most memorable pranks during the 2012 Oscars. Dressed as his character from “The Dictator,” Cohen carried an urn labeled “Kim Jong-il” and pretended to accidentally spill the ashes all over Ryan Seacrest, who was hosting the red carpet event. Although Seacrest was initially stunned, he quickly realized it was a prank, and the incident became a viral sensation.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Wax Figure Surprise


In 2015, Arnold Schwarzenegger collaborated with Madame Tussauds in Hollywood for an exciting prank. The action star posed as his wax figure, surprising unsuspecting visitors who were taking photos with what they believed to be a lifeless statue. As visitors got close to the “wax figure,” Schwarzenegger would suddenly come to life, scaring and delighting his fans. The reactions ranged from sheer fright to laughter, making it a hilarious and memorable stunt.

In conclusion, these celebrity pranks and practical jokes have not only showcased the lighter side of our favorite public figures but have also brought laughter and entertainment to our lives. From George Clooney’s cat litter surprise to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wax figure scare, these unforgettable moments serve as a reminder that even the most serious celebrities can have a mischievous side!

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