The Innovators: 20 Questions on Inventors and Inventions

The Innovators: 20 Questions on Inventors and Inventions

Question 1: Who is known as the father of the computer?

A) Charles Babbage

B) Alan Turing

C) Thomas Edison

Question 2: Who invented the telephone?

A) Alexander Graham Bell

B) Elisha Gray

C) Nikola Tesla

Question 3: Who is credited with inventing the light bulb?

A) Thomas Edison

B) Joseph Swan

C) Both A and B

Question 4: Who developed the first successful polio vaccine?

A) Jonas Salk

B) Albert Sabin

C) Louis Pasteur

Question 5: Who is known for the invention of the World Wide Web?

A) Tim Berners-Lee

B) Vint Cerf

C) Robert Kahn

Question 6: Who invented the first practical refrigerator?

A) Carl von Linde

B) John Gorrie

C) James Harrison

Question 7: Who is credited with the invention of the printing press?

A) Johannes Gutenberg

B) Benjamin Franklin

C) William Caxton

Question 8: Who invented dynamite?

A) Alfred Nobel

B) Dmitri Mendeleev

C) Michael Faraday

Question 9: Who is known for inventing the first successful airplane?

A) The Wright brothers

B) Glenn Curtiss

C) Santos-Dumont

Question 10: Who invented the first commercially successful steam engine?

A) James Watt

B) Thomas Newcomen

C) George Stephenson

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