The Artistic Aptitude Assessment: 20 Questions on Art Techniques

The Artistic Aptitude Assessment Quiz

20 Questions on Art Techniques

Question 1: What is the technique of applying thick layers of paint to create texture on the canvas?

  • A) Glazing
  • B) Impasto
  • C) Scumbling

Correct Answer: B) Impasto

Question 2: Which of the following is a drawing technique that uses dots to create shading and texture?

  • A) Hatching
  • B) Cross-hatching
  • C) Stippling

Correct Answer: C) Stippling

Question 3: What is the name of the technique where paint is diluted with water to create a transparent layer?

  • A) Wash
  • B) Gesso
  • C) Drybrush

Correct Answer: A) Wash

Question 4: Which technique involves painting with small, distinct dots of color that are applied in patterns to form an image?

  • A) Pointillism
  • B) Frottage
  • C) Grisaille

Correct Answer: A) Pointillism

Question 5: What is the process of using a wire mesh to support wet plaster called?

  • A) Fresco
  • B) Lath
  • C) Armature

Correct Answer: B) Lath

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