Tech Trends: A 20-Question Quiz on Modern Technology


Tech Trends: A 20-Question Quiz on Modern Technology

Question 1

What does AI stand for?

  • A) Artificial Intelligence
  • B) Automated Information
  • C) Analog Integration

A) Artificial Intelligence

Question 2

Which company is known for the development of the Android operating system?

  • A) Apple
  • B) Microsoft
  • C) Google

C) Google

Question 3

What is the term for the technology used to record cryptocurrency transactions?

  • A) Blockchain
  • B) Digital Ledger
  • C) Crypto-Recording

A) Blockchain

Question 4

Which of the following is a popular framework for developing mobile apps?

  • A) Angular
  • B) React Native
  • C) Bootstrap

B) React Native

Question 5

What does IoT stand for?

  • A) Internet of Things
  • B) Integration of Technology
  • C) Internal Online Transfer

A) Internet of Things

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