Strange Aztec Votive Offerings: Worshiping Gods or Alien Visitors?


Strange Aztec Votive Offerings: Worshiping Gods or Alien Visitors?



The ancient Aztec civilization, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, left behind intriguing artifacts that continue to perplex scientists and archaeologists. Among these artifacts, the Aztec votive offerings stand out due to their peculiar nature and mysterious origins. Some researchers propose that these unusual offerings may provide evidence of the Aztecs worshipping extraterrestrial beings or even hosting visits from alien visitors.

The Aztec Civilization


Before delving into the enigmatic votive offerings, it is crucial to understand the Aztec civilization. The Aztecs were a highly religious society that believed in a pantheon of deities, representing various aspects of life and nature. They considered worship as an essential part of maintaining a harmonious relationship with their gods.

The Purpose of Votive Offerings


Votive offerings were commonly used in Aztec religious rituals as a way to communicate with their gods and seek their favor. These offerings ranged from elaborate sculptures to mundane objects and were often made of valuable materials such as gold, jade, and precious stones. The Aztecs believed that presenting these gifts to their deities would ensure blessings, protection, and prosperity.

Unearthed Peculiar Votive Offerings


Upon unearthing various Aztec temples and burial sites, archaeologists have encountered numerous strange votive offerings that deviate from the conventional practices. These artifacts, unlike traditional representations of gods or symbols of nature, depict humanoid figures with elongated heads, large eyes, and depictions of what some argue resemble spacecraft.

Astral Travel and Reaching the Gods


One theory surrounding these peculiar votive offerings suggests that the Aztecs explored the concept of astral travel or out-of-body experiences. According to this perspective, the Aztecs believed that by mimicking extraterrestrial entities, they could transcend the earthly plane and reach the gods in their celestial domains.

Visitors from Outer Space


Another intriguing theory put forth by some researchers is that these votive offerings are evidence of alien visitors in Aztec culture. Supporters of this idea argue that the depictions found on the artifacts too closely resemble modern-day descriptions of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings to be mere coincidence.

Alternative Interpretations


While the theories of worshiping alien visitors may capture the imagination, it is important to recognize that alternative interpretations exist. Some suggest that the unusual votive offerings could be symbolic representations of deities associated with fertility, rebirth, or even shamans engaging in visionary experiences.



The question of whether Aztec votive offerings were meant to worship gods or depict encounters with alien visitors is a subject of debate among scholars. While evidence supporting either theory may exist, more research and analysis are needed to shed light on the true purpose behind these enigmatic artifacts. Until then, they will continue to be shrouded in mystery, inviting us to explore the intersections of ancient beliefs and unknown worlds.

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