Some boy scouts are sitting around a campfire telling jokes

Some boy scouts are sitting around a camp fire and begin to tell some jokes. 

The first one lets out a chuckle and says, “13”. 

The rest of the scouts chuckle and another says, “Heh, 6”. 

This gets a good laugh from most of them and a third replies with “8”. 

At this point they are at the point of tears. 

A first year boy scout however is very confused, and asks one of the older ones, “I don’t get it, what’ so funny?”

An older scout works to stop wheezing, and responds, “Well, we’ve all gone camping so often, we all end up telling the same jokes over and over.  So we decided to save some time and just numbered the jokes”. 

The new scout, looking to make some friends and prove himself, pipes up and says, “Uhhh, 4”. 

The rest of the scouts are silent.

One leans to the other and whispers, “Some people just can’t tell a good joke.”

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