Funny Joke: Three World Leaders in a Sauna

Three World Leaders in a Sauna

While President Obama, Russian Leader Putin, and Ex-President Calderon from Mexico were all convening sans clothes in a steam room, debating the intricacies of global harmony, they felt an odd thrum pulsating through the atmosphere. Obama and Calderon exchanged bewildered glances, searching for the source, but Putin nonchalantly touches his chin, immediately silencing the vibration.

Curiosity piqued, Obama and Calderon gazed at him, prompting Putin to explain, “It’s just a sophisticated tracking device, embedded subcutaneously. It keeps Russian intelligence informed of my whereabouts.”

Impressed by this advanced gadget, Obama and Calderon nodded appreciatively and refocused on their peaceful parley.

However, shortly after, a sequence of high-pitched bleeps interrupted them again. Putin instantly denied any connection, and this time, Obama gestured for calm and pressed his hand to his ear, mimicking a phone. Astonishingly, the other two leaders could discern a distant voice coming from Obama’s palm.

Finishing the phantom call, Obama clarified, “Ah, that was just a call on my implanted communication device. It connects directly with cell towers within a pretty generous range.”

While Putin clapped in admiration and Calderon mulled over his own lack of futuristic enhancements, the discussion tentatively resumed until Calderon politely stepped out of the sauna. Upon his return, he sported a curious new accessory – a roll of toilet paper wedged between his cheeks.

Both leaders stared quizzically until Calderon announced with a grin, “Pardon the interruption – seems my own tech is signaling. I’ve got to take this, it’s my emergency fax machine receiving a message!”

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