Funny Joke: Three physicists went out for a drive

Three physicists went out for a drive

Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and Ohm were out for a breezy drive under the clear blue sky. The ride was smooth until Heisenberg spotted the unmistakable flash of police sirens reflecting in the rearview mirror.

“Darn it,” he grumbled as he steered the car to the curb.

The police officer strolled up to the driver’s window, leaning in. “Afternoon,” he greeted Heisenberg. “Are you aware of how fast you were traveling?”

Heisenberg replied with a slight smirk, “Not at all, officer, but I can tell you exactly where we are.”

“Don’t be smart,” the officer retorted sternly. “You were clocked at 74mph in a 30mph zone. That’s considered dangerous driving, potentially landing you with a hefty penalty.”

“Oh, fantastic,” Heisenberg lamented, “At this velocity, my location is completely uncertain!”

“Sir, your conduct is suspicious,” the officer continued. “I’m concerned about impaired driving. Have you consumed anything intoxicating today? I need you all to step out while I conduct a search.”

As the physicists sat roadside, the officer rummaged through the car. After inspecting the vehicle’s interior, he opened the trunk. A gasp escaped him.

“Is this some sort of sick joke? A *deceased cat* is in your trunk!” he shouted incredulously.

“You’ve caused this outcome by observing,” Schrödinger snapped back. “The responsibility is on you!”

“That’s it, you’ve pushed your luck,” the officer declared. “You’re all under arrest!”

At this point, Ohm stood firm in opposition.

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