Funny Joke: The pianist

The pianist

A man strides into an upscale restaurant and loudly asks for the manager with some rather colorful language. The waiter, clearly shocked, asks him to please wait while he finds the manager without using such foul language.

When the manager arrives, the man questions him just as crudely about his role at the establishment. Confirming his position, the manager requests that the man speak more politely in their respectable venue.

Ignoring the request, the man wants to know where their piano is located. Slightly confused but understanding, the manager realizes the man is here for the advertised pianist position and leads him to the instrument.

The man starts to play, and what comes out is a stunning blues piece that impresses the manager. When asked about the title of the song, the man replies with an explicit and inappropriate name. The manager, taken aback, then asks if he can play something a bit more refined like jazz. The man complies with a beautiful jazz tune, but again, the song title is vulgar and off-putting.

Hoping for something more suitable, the manager requests a romantic ballad, which the man plays beautifully. Yet again, however, the song’s title is highly inappropriate.

Despite the man’s coarse language, the manager decides to give him the job under the condition that he neither introduces his songs nor speaks to the patrons. This agreement works for some time until one evening, a stunningly attractive woman seated opposite the piano proves too distracting for the man.

Overcome, he excuses himself and hastily retreats to the restroom for some personal relief. The manager, noticing the pianist’s absence, inquires about his whereabouts. The man, in his haste, returns to the piano without properly tidying himself up.

When the woman approaches and informs him that he’s exposed and still covered in the evidence of his recent activity, the man, with a twinkle in his eye, cheekily responds that not only is he aware, but he is also the composer of that particular spectacle.

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