Funny Joke: The old farmer and the agricultural pilot

The old farmer and the agricultural pilot

The local farmer had been endlessly pestering the crop-dusting aviator to let him join for a flight. Exasperated, the pilot relented: “Alright, hop in, Uncle András, and brace yourself for an unforgettable ride.”

Fastening himself in, the farmer experienced a swift ascent followed by a steep bank, to which he simply nodded, “Hmm, yes, just as I suspected.”

A little taken aback, the pilot stepped up his game, spiraling the aircraft with gusto, plunging it down, the farmer’s seat warming beneath him. Yet, he only chuckled, “Hmm, yes, just as I suspected.”

The pilot, determined to impress, flung the plane into a flurry of wild dives and rolls, finally flipping the aircraft upside down. The old man coughed and conceded, “Now that, I did not suspect!”

Upon landing, the pilot couldn’t resist querying, “Uncle András, what’s the deal with your ‘just as I suspected’ and ‘I did not suspect’ remarks?”

The farmer explained, “Well, I reckoned that fear might drive me to wet myself. I even entertained the notion I could mess my pants. But not once did I consider it would all end up trickling down my neck… Now that, I did not suspect!”

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