Funny Joke: The guy that messed with a drug lord

The guy that messed with a drug lord

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, a man is lounging at home when suddenly, a massive birthday bash erupts next door. The festivities are for a sweet sixteen, replete with throngs of partygoers and booming music. By 1AM, the tired neighbor has had enough and calls the police to silence the blaring noise. However, these powerful bass beats originate from the lair of a notorious crime boss.

The next morning unfolds grimly for our complainer as he finds himself abducted by the mobster’s henchmen and cast away in a remote, dimly-lit shack. There, he’s locked up in a tight, dark cell. Guarding the door is Big John—a towering, burly mountain of a man who stands at an imposing 6’8″ and is built like a tank. Soon, the henchmen approach Big John:

\- Listen up, Big John! This is the guy who snitched on the boss’s party to the boys in blue! He wanted it quiet, so make sure he yells just as loud!

\- Consider it done, – mutters Big John, nonchalantly.

Terrified, the neighbor shivers in his cramped cell. Shortly after, more of the boss’s goons barge in, dragging another captive:

\- Big John, this scum here tried to snatch some bling from the boss’s place during the blowout! Sever his hand—that’ll teach ’em!

\- I’m on it, – grunts Big John, idly sharpening his knife.

The prisoners are shaking like leaves when another group of thugs arrives with yet another unfortunatesoul:

\- Big John! This one couldn’t keep his eyes off the boss’s daughter the whole night. Pluck his eye out, that should curb his wandering gaze!

\- Right, right, toss him with the rest, – says Big John with a bored expression.

After a tense few minutes, the original complainer gathers his courage, stands up, and addresses Big John with a quivering voice:

\- Excuse me, Mr. Big John, sir. I can see you’ve got your hands full here, so I thought I’d quickly remind you—just to avoid any confusion—I’m the fellow scheduled for the… ahem…rear-end deal.

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