Funny Joke: The Farmer and his Daughters

The Farmer and his Daughters

In a quaint rural place, there lived a farmer with daughters, a group of five,
Eagerly awaiting their suitors, for a first date to come alive.
The lads would share their plans, hoping for approval, or they’d run,
For if the farmer disapproved, he’d threaten them with his shotgun.

Up walked the first young man, with a knock and an introduction, he said, “My name is Teddy,
Here to escort your daughter Betty; together, our bonds are steady.
We plan to dine on Italian strands, delighting in spaghetti.”
The farmer nodded, “Betty’s ready,” and away danced Teddy and Betty.

The second beau arrived soon enough, proclaiming, “I’m the fellow named Joe,
I’ve come for your daughter Flo, and off to the cinema, we’ll go.
Excitement for the film does grow!”
The farmer agreed, “Proceed with your show,” so off did Joe and Flo.

The third suitor appeared at the door with a cheerful call, “Hi! Nate’s my identity.
It’s Kate whom I’ve come to see; please don’t say it’s too late for me!
We’re off to glide on the roller rink’s slate; a perfect skating date, it will be.”
The farmer grinned, “Skate righteously,” and away skated Nate and Kate.

Came the fourth, knocking softly, “Lance is my name, here without fuss,
To pick up your daughter Nance, may I inquire if she’s with us?
At the school’s ball, we’ll take our stance, the theme is glamourous like Paris.”
The farmer consented with a dance, “Nance awaits your glance,” and to the dance went Lance and Nance.

The final gent appeared; the hour was late, and he remarked, “Hey, I’m Chuck,
Your daughter and my truck, is she prepared, with a stroke of luck?”
The farmer’s patience hit amuck, his gun fired with a buck,
Poor Chuck met his fate, such luck, struck down by protective muck.

Remember, ’tis but jest, this narrative’s flow,
Otherwise, Chuck would still be here, in the tale we cheerfully crow.

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