Funny Joke: The couple was watching television at night.

The couple was watching television at night.

Upon the husband’s entry, he notices his wife’s mood and inquires, “What’s got you so down since I got home?” To which the wife snaps, “It’s our silver anniversary today, and here we are, glued to the TV.”

“OH NO! I got so tied up with work I totally spaced out! Please forgive me. Hurry and slip into your most dazzling gown; we’re hitting the town! Your night will be one to remember!” he exclaims. She beams, “I just knew you weren’t a complete monster.”

As they approach the restaurant, the host greets them with, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s table, please.” The wife observes, “It seems you’re quite the regular here.” The husband shrugs, “I guess I’ve been here a few times for work.”

Post-dinner, the husband proposes a trip to a club. They’re met with a long queue, but he assures his wife he’ll handle it. Walking up to the bouncer, he shouts, “Big Joe! How’s life?” Big Joe smiles, “All good, Mr. Smith. Right this way!”

Once inside, the club owner rushes to welcome them, “Evening, Mr. Smith! Your table is ready!” The wife’s suspicion grows, “Do you come here a lot?” He nervously replies, “Nah, the owner’s just one of my clients.”

Their waitress approaches and asks, “The usual, Mr. Smith?” As the show’s performer ends her routine, she yells to the crowd, “And to whom do I gift my knickers?” The crowd erupts in unison, “TO BOB SMITH! TO BOB SMITH!”

The wife storms out of the club with the husband trailing behind. They jump into a cab, he pleads, “Let’s not let this spoil our night. It’s just a case of mistaken identity.” “Do you take me for a fool? You two-timer! I don’t want to hear it!!!” she retorts, fuming.

The cabbie catches a glimpse of the ruckus and says, “Bob, do you need me to boot this lady out for you?”

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