Funny Joke: The bear joke

The bear joke

A marksman wandered into the forest with his sights set on capturing the largest bear he could track. As fate would have it, he spied a colossal grizzly. With a practiced hand, he leveled his rifle and squeezed the trigger. The bear tumbled into a thicket, seemingly taken by death’s embrace. The shooter cautiously approached, only to feel a sudden tap on his shoulder. Turning, he met the bear’s gaze, which inquired, “Did that bullet come from your rifle?” The marksman confessed, and what followed was a rather unpleasanter bear hug.

Weeks later, nursing a bruised ego, the marksman returned, armed this time with a more formidable shotgun. When the bear reappeared, he fired. The bear collapsed into the underbrush, presumably lifeless. Yet as he neared, once more, a tap came upon his shoulder. The same grizzly towered over him, questioning, “Was it your shotgun that roared?” Upon admitting the truth, the marksman was once again embraced, but not in the manner he desired.

Time healed his wounds and with vengeance burning, the marksman geared up with an elephant tranquilizer, determined to settle the score. Once again, the grizzly appeared, and once more he fell into the brush, struck by the dart. The marksman approached with caution, rummaging through the foliage until that inevitable tap came. He faced the bear, and with the weariness of one who has learned a harsh lesson, the bear posed, “You’re not really here for the hunt, are you?”

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