Funny Joke: Texas roughneck in Canada

Texas roughneck in Canada

A down-on-his-luck Texan drill rig worker finds himself jobless in Alberta’s oil country. After losing his employment when the summer starts to wind down, he’s left penniless and stranded on the streets of Edmonton.

One chilly morning, he pleads with a passerby lady for $5 to grab a coffee and a pastry from Tim Horton’s. Touched by his predicament, she declares, “The women of Edmonton won’t let you go hungry,” and graciously hands over the money.

Weeks pass, and during a downpour, he finds shelter beneath an overpass. He sees a kind-hearted woman and asks for $20 to get an umbrella from Canadian Tire. True to form, she affirms, “Edmontonians wouldn’t leave you out in the rain,” and gives him the cash.

When winter’s chill sets in, the Texan, now clad only in a flimsy shirt, implores yet another woman for $100 to buy a jacket from the Bay. With compassion, she responds, “The cold-heartedness doesn’t run in our veins,” and hands him the money.

Some time later, bundled up in his new jacket, he encounters another woman. With appreciation, he remarks, “The women here have been incredibly kind; they’ve never turned a blind eye to my needs. May I dare to request one more thing—could you spare a moment of intimacy?”

The woman is aghast at his audacity and rebukes, “We maintain our dignity in Edmonton and don’t engage in such acts on the streets with homeless individuals!”

Before the Texan can even utter an apology, she hastily interjects…

“But there’s a secluded spot just behind this billboard.”

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