Funny Joke: Taxing discussion

Taxing discussion

As the fiscal cycle concluded, an IRS inspector was dispatched to examine the financial records of a local synagogue. During his audit, he noted a curiosity and inquired of the Rabbi, “Though your institution benefits from tax exemption, it seems you’ve itemized a significant quantity of candles as a business expense.”

“Indeed,” confirmed the Rabbi serenely, “we collect the leftover wax and send it back to the candle manufacturers, and occasionally they reciprocate with a complimentary box of candles.”

The auditor’s scheme seemed to fizzle, but undeterred, he prodded further. “And what about these numerous purchases of matzah?” he prodded, attempting to catch the Rabbi off guard.

“Likewise,” the Rabbi responded with a smile, sensing the auditor’s ploy, “the matzah crumbs are gathered and returned to the bakery. In exchange, every so often, they gift us with a box of matzah.”

The IRS agent, still eager to unsettle the Rabbi, quipped sharply, “Alright then, what happens to all the foreskins from the ritual circumcisions?”

Unruffled, the Rabbi replied, “Those are not wasted either. We send them to the IRS, and once a year, they send us an auditor.”

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