Funny Joke: Steve and Gropey go back to the bar…

Steve and Gropey go back to the bar…

In their quest for fortune, Steve and Doug decide to bring their trusty dog, Studly, to the bar.
Steve places their mischievous friend Gropey on a stool and brings Studly close.
Doug, catching sight of Steve and Gropey, lets out a groan and asks, “What’s your plan tonight?”
Steve simply points at Studly and confidently states, “Studly can sing.”
Doug scoffs, “Seriously? He’s a dog!”
Undeterred, Steve proposes, “How about $20 per song?”
Doug, curious yet skeptical, agrees, saying, “Alright, why not?”
Steve directs Gropey towards the piano and declares, “Piano Man.”
In a surprising turn of events, Gropey effortlessly slides off his stool, toddles over to the piano, and starts playing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” Suddenly, to everyone’s astonishment, Studly begins to serenade the crowd with a beautiful voice. The room falls utterly silent.
As Studly finishes the song, Doug reluctantly acknowledges his defeat and hands over $20.
Impressed by Steve’s amazing animals and their talents, Doug engages in a lively conversation. However, after 15 minutes, Steve realizes that Studly has mysteriously disappeared. He hastily informs Doug that he needs to go find him. Astounded by Studly’s remarkable abilities, Doug consents, saying, “Of course.”
Steve exits the bar and, after a brief moment of contemplation, decides to turn left. As he reaches the first alley, he spots Studly about 20 feet away, passionately engaged with a French poodle. Frustrated and annoyed, Steve shouts, “Studly, what on earth are you doing?”
To which Studly nonchalantly responds, “What did you expect me to do with $20?”

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