Funny Joke: Southern Charm

Southern Charm

Two casually dressed women struck up a conversation during a seemingly infinite wait at LAX airport.

The first, a rather snooty lady from California with a wealthy spouse, engaged in small talk with a genteel elderly Southern belle.

As the chat veered towards the topic of children, the Californian began boasting, “When I had my first baby, my husband presented me with a stunning mansion.”

The woman from the South replied warmly, “My, that’s delightful!”

Undeterred, the Californian bragged, “Upon the birth of my second child, my husband surprised me with a gorgeous Mercedes-Benz.”

Again, the Southern belle responded, “My, that’s delightful!”

Continuing her parade of luxuries, the Californian said, “And when I had my third child, my husband gifted me a dazzling diamond bracelet.”

Once more, the lady from the South offered, “My, that’s delightful!”

Curiosity piqued, the Californian asked, “And what did your husband do for you when you had your first child?”

The Southern lady proudly stated, “He sent me to a finishing school.”

“Finishing school?” the Californian exclaimed in disbelief. “Whatever for?”

With a gracious smile, the Southern lady explained, “Well, for instance, it taught me to say ‘My, that’s delightful!’ instead of blurting out ‘Who the hell cares?'”

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