Funny Joke: So now, I’m, Just Fred

So now, I’m, Just Fred

A patrolman from the Wyoming State Highway stops a motorcyclist for speeding, and queries the rider for his name.
“Fred,” says the motorcyclist.
“Fred who?” the officer inquires.
“Simply Fred,” the rider replies.
Feeling lenient, the officer considers letting the motorcyclist off with a warning, and requests his full name.
The rider explains that he once had a surname but has since lost it.
Intrigued but amused, the officer asks, “Alright, Fred, enlighten me, how does one lose their last name?”
The motorcyclist begins his tale, “Buckle up. My name was originally Fred Johnson, hailing from Rock Springs, Wyoming. Hard work earned me stellar grades. Growing up, I yearned to become a doctor. After years of studying and training, I earned my medical degree and hence became Fred Johnson, MD.
“After a period, the medical routine tired me out, prompting me to pursue dentistry. I conquered the academic rigors and obtained my dental degree. Consequently, I was Fred Johnson, MD, DDS.
“However, things spiraled when I contracted an STD during an indiscretion with my assistant. At that point, I was Fred Johnson, MD, DDS, with an STD.
“The news of the STD eventually reached the dental association, leading them to revoke my DDS. My name was shortened to Fred Johnson, MD, with an STD. When the medical association got wind of my loss of the DDS due to an STD, they pulled my MD credentials. I was merely Fred Johnson with an STD. Ultimately, the STD claimed my ‘Johnson’, and I was left with just ‘Fred.'”
The officer, unable to contain his laughter, takes a moment to wipe away tears before strolling off, letting “Just Fred” off with a chuckle.

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