Funny Joke: Sharing is caring.

Sharing is caring.

An elderly gentleman ordered a single meal — a burger, fries, and a soda — and proceeded to divide it all down the middle, giving half to his wife. As he split the burger, arranged the fries into two even portions, and shared sips of his drink with her, onlookers began to murmur among themselves, feeling sorry for the couple who seemed to only be able to afford a single meal between them.

A kind-hearted young man, moved by the scene, approached their table and offered to purchase another meal for the pair. The old man declined, reassuring him that they were accustomed to dividing everything between them.

Meanwhile, the old lady hadn’t eaten a morsel, content with watching her husband and taking turns with the soda. The young man couldn’t stand it and came back a second time, offering to buy them another meal. The old woman declined again, echoing her husband’s sentiments about sharing everything.

Finally, as the husband finished his meal and was tidying up with his napkin, the young man asked the old lady, “Why haven’t you eaten yet?”

With a smile, she replied, “I’m waiting for my turn with the dentures.”

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