Funny Joke: Pumpkin patch surprise

Pumpkin patch surprise

A man attends a Halloween bash at a countryside homestead just outside his hometown. After enjoying himself a bit too heartily, he opts to leave his car and stagger back home on his own two feet.

Midway through his trek, his belly starts to protest, demanding an urgent restroom break. He spots a field of plump pumpkins nearby and drunkenly concocts a plan. Ducking down an aisle, he swiftly carves open a pumpkin and improvises a toilet. After the deed is done, he slaps the top back on and stumbles off into the night, chuckling.

The following day, as he strides back to reclaim his vehicle, he passes the same pumpkin patch. Struck by a sense of mortification over his previous night’s antics, he vows to hang up his drinking boots forever.

Fast forward a year, and the same man finds himself en route to yet another Halloween festivity on the farm. As he drives by the pumpkin patch, inspiration strikes. He decides to seek forgiveness from the patch owner. He parks up, steels himself, and raps on the door of the farmhouse.

A colossal farmer, the epitome of rural might, greets him. Stubble dusting his chin like rows of newly planted seeds, with limbs stout as the very pumpkins he farms. A wisp of straw dangles lazily from his lips, and a cowboy hat tilts rakishly over his brow.

“Excuse me, mister,” starts the repentant man. “Last year, I disgracefully misused one of your pumpkins. I saw the light since then and have been liquor-free ever since. As a token of my regret and gratitude for aiding me in turning over a new leaf, I’m here to buy a batch of your pumpkins. How about I take five… no, ten? Just fill up my car’s trunk, I’ll happily pay twice the going rate.”

The towering farmer scrutinizes the man, the straw twitching from side to side in his mouth as he ponders. After a thoughtful scratch on his head beneath the hat, he steps back into the doorway, yelling over his shoulder:

“Hey Zeke! Zeke! You hit the nail on the head, that pumpkin pie last Thanksgiving did have a funny taste!”

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