Funny Joke: Preposition and Erectile Dysfunction 🤣

Preposition and Erectile Dysfunction 🤣

On his 74th trip around the sun, an elderly gentleman received an interesting birthday present from his spouse—a voucher for a consultation with a shaman residing on a neighboring tribal land famed for his remedy for male virility issues.

Skeptically, but with a nudge from his wife, the gentleman made his way to the reservation, presented his voucher, and braced himself for the experience.

The aged shaman handed him an elixir and, with a firm pat on his back, cautioned him, “This concoction is potent. You must only consume a teaspoon and then utter ‘1-2-3’ aloud.” Upon doing so, “You will become the epitome of masculine vigor and possess the ability to sustain as long as you wish.”

The gentleman felt a surge of hope and inquired about the conclusion of the potion’s effects. The shaman replied, “The one who lies with you must pronounce ‘1-2-3-4’ to cease its power, but beware, once said, the elixir will remain dormant until the moon completes its fullest cycle.”

Unable to contain his excitement, the man hurried home, prepped himself meticulously, ingested a spoonful of the magical brew, and beckoned his partner to the boudoir. As soon as she entered, he cast aside his garments and pronounced “1-2-3,” transforming into the pinnacle of manhood at once. His partner, thrilled by his vigor, began to disrobe while curiously inquiring, “And what, my dear, was ‘1-2-3’ for?”

And thus, dear friends, we learn the critical importance of avoiding the trap of ending sentences with prepositions—lest one’s sentence concludes with an awkwardly exposed modifier.

P.S. Hats off to the original crafter of this wit. Their identity remains unknown, but their humor is gratefully acknowledged.

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