Funny Joke: Once there was a women’s bowling team. Everyone on the bowling team was so-so at bowling, with the exception of two women.

Once there was a women’s bowling team. Everyone on the bowling team was so-so at bowling, with the exception of two women.

Here’s a rephrased version of the joke:

In a duo of bowlers, one was Martha, who had a reputation for being the alley’s most notorious novice. Practically every roll she made danced its way into the gutters, with at least nine taking the plunge per game.

Her partner, Linda, was the alley’s ace—unrivaled and revered, she was the cornerstone of every victory, racking up the scoreboard with her impressive skills.

Friendly and well-regarded among peers, Linda had only one puzzling quirk: at the end of every outing, she’d caution, “I might run five minutes late next time.” Although she typically arrived punctually, her teammates, especially Martha, were irked by this ritualistic disclaimer.

It was during a particularly glum string of gutter balls that Martha’s curiosity flared, and she decided to confront Linda—who had just notched another effortless strike.

“Hey, Linda,” said Martha, with an air of intrigue, “you’re bowling with your left today?”

“Indeed I am,” Linda replied, unfazed.

“But..didn’t you bowl right-handed last time?” Martha questioned.

“That I did,” Linda confirmed.

From that moment, the team’s intrigue shifted from Linda’s timekeeping to her ambidextrous abilities, sparking endless speculation.

One day, Martha, overcome by curiosity and awe at Linda’s performance, asked the secret to her hand-switching strategy.

With a laugh, Linda shared her peculiar but effective tactic: she’d base her choice of bowling hand on which side of her naturist boyfriend’s anatomy the “morning pointer” favored. Embracing this offbeat strategy had, strangely enough, turned her bowling fortunes around.

Inspired, Martha adopted the same method. Astonishingly, it transformed her game, turning her into a strike-slinging sensation. Together with Linda, Martha propelled their team to the brink of national dominance.

On the tournament’s critical morning, however, Martha was faced with a dilemma: her boyfriend’s “morning pointer” was unusually… upright. Unsure of which hand to use, she sought out Linda in desperation.

Confused and anxious, Martha posed her predicament: “What do you do when your boyfriend is… well, standing at attention?”

Linda’s reply came with a knowing smile: “Haven’t you wondered why I always forewarned about being five minutes late?”

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