Funny Joke: Moral of the story

Moral of the story

As winter approached, a bird that typically migrated north chose to buck tradition, declaring confidently, “I’ll manage just fine here.”

But as the chill intensified, the bird found itself shivering, desperate for warmth. While seeking refuge in a barnyard, it experienced an unexpected mishap: a cow, minding its own business, deposited a heap of dung right onto the bird. Buried under the unusual blanket, the bird let out a shocked “squawk!”

To the bird’s surprise, the dung was warm. Grateful for this unforeseen shelter, the bird felt its spirits rise and it began to chirp joyously. It mused, “Why bother flying south when I’ve found happiness right here?” And so, it continued its merry songs.

Unbeknownst to the bird, a famished barn cat was prowling nearby. Attracted by the singing under the mound of manure, the cat pounced with delight, clawing through the dung. Without hesitation, it devoured the bird.

The moral of the story? Accepting a heap of troubles from others as a favor might just be a false comfort. And expecting someone to rescue you from your mess without any ulterior motives may be wishful thinking. If you can’t decipher this life lesson, well, you’re on your own!

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