Funny Joke: Liberty biberty

Liberty biberty

Halting for an evening meal, Doug strolls into a diner, his strutting companion Limu the emu trailing behind. They are greeted and seated by the server, who then inquires about what Doug would like to eat.

“I’ll go with a burger, fries, and a soda,” Doug responds before looking at Limu. “And for you?” “I’ll have the exact same,” the emu pipes up.

Soon, the server returns with their meals, announcing, “Your total comes to $9.40.” Doug nonchalantly retrieves the precise amount from his pocket, paying the bill.

This sequence repeats over the next few days, with Doug and Limu ordering the same meal, and Doug consistently paying in exact change.

On the fifth evening, as they enter, the server automatically begins, “Will it be the usual?” Doug interjects, “Actually, it’s Friday, so I’m in the mood for a steak, baked potato, and a salad.” “Same for me,” chimes in Limu.

After delivering the order, the server states, “That’ll be $32.62.” As usual, Doug provides the exact change. Overcome with curiosity, the server asks, “How do you always have the perfect amount of change in your pocket?”

Doug recounts his tale, “Well, before joining Liberty Mutual, I was rummaging through a donation box at a second-hand shop when I stumbled upon a dusty old lamp. After giving it a clean, out popped a Genie, granting me two wishes. My first wish ensured that any time I had to pay for something, I could simply reach into my pocket and find the exact change.”

The server is impressed, musing, “Incredible! While most would wish for a lump sum of cash, you’ve secured endless wealth!”

Doug nods, confirming, “Exactly. Be it a pint of milk or an expensive car, the right amount is always in my pocket.”

Intrigued, the server then asks about the emu’s significance. With a heavy sigh and a thoughtful pause, Doug confesses, “Well, for my second wish, I requested a tall bird with a round behind and lengthy limbs, who would nod to everything I say.”

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