Funny Joke: Ladder to the top.

Ladder to the top.

Upon awakening in an unfamiliar space, a man discovers a modest sum of money – a mere $10 – next to a ladder leading upwards. A mysterious voice echoes through the room, “Take the offer or ascend the ladder to find success.”

Thinking the bill too meager, he scales the ladder. On the subsequent level, he stumbles upon $1,000 and a somewhat charming partner ready for matrimony. The voice resounds again, “Take the offer or ascend the ladder to find success.”

Despite the generous offer, his ambition propels him to climb once more. He’s greeted by $50,000, an alluring companion, property ownership, and a lucrative job proposition. Yet the voice insists once more, “Take the offer or ascend the ladder to find success.”

With the stakes higher, the man wavers but his appetite for greater success spurs him on. The ladder stretches further this time. Reaching the climax, a pungent stench assaults his senses. In the dim room devoid of all but the bare essentials, a hefty figure is nestled in the shadows. As the silhouette lights a cigarette, the man’s heart sinks at the realization. The figure approaches, breaking the silence with a husky introduction, “Hello, my success is named Cess.”

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