Funny Joke: Jewish Mother

Jewish Mother

It’s 2028, and history is made as Emily Rosenberg becomes both the first female and the first Jewish president of the United States.

A short while after the election, President Rosenberg calls her mother: “Mom, I’m sure you’ll be there at my swearing-in ceremony, right?”

“Oh, Emily, it’s such a long trip, and your dad’s not as spry as he once was. Plus, my back’s been giving me trouble,” her mother responds.

“Don’t you worry,” Emily reassures her, “I’ll send the presidential plane to collect you, and you’ll have a limo from your doorstep to the plane.”

“But what will I wear among all those high-and-mighty types?” her mother frets.

“I’ve got you covered, Mom. A top-notch New York designer will tailor a dress just for you.”

“Darling,” her mother sighs, “you know how my stomach doesn’t agree with all that fancy food.”

“Mom, it’s all sorted,” Emily insists, “New York’s finest kosher caterer will handle the menu. Please, Mom, come.”

So with a bit of persuasion, her mother agrees. Come Inauguration Day, January 20, 2028, Emily Rosenberg takes the oath of office. There, proudly situated in the VIP section, her mother nudges a Senator beside her and says:

“You see that lady up there, the one being sworn in as President of the United States?”

“Yes,” the Senator replies, paying close attention.

Her mother beams with pride and says, “Her sister is a top cardiologist.”

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