Funny Joke: Highland hospitality

Highland hospitality

A traveling salesman found himself stranded when his car conked out amidst the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. Luckily, a quaint cottage was nestled nearby, and he approached and knocked.

The door swung open, revealing a robust Highlander. “Got a bit of car trouble,” said the salesman, “Is there a place I could stay for the night?”

“Of course, ye can stay here!” boomed the Scot with a welcoming grin, “Come in and enjoy our renowned Highland hospitality.”

The salesman stepped inside the warm and inviting home. “Jeannie,” called the Highlander in the direction of the kitchen, summoning his strikingly beautiful daughter.

“Jeannie, prepare a bountiful feast for our guest, and let’s show him what true Highland hospitality is all about.”

Soon enough, the salesman was indulging in a hearty, delicious meal, courtesy of Jeannie’s diligent efforts to provide a warm welcome. After the meal, the Highlander announced, “Now, if ye’ll excuse me, I must tend to the cows, but make yerself at home and soak in some genuine Highland hospitality.”

No sooner had the Highlander left than the salesman commenced an amorous pursuit of the host’s daughter. Swiftly, they were entwined on the floor in a passionate embrace.

The door burst open and there stood the Highlander, milk buckets crashing to the ground as he caught sight of the intimate scene. His face blazed with fury.

With a ferocious roar that echoed through the cottage, he bellowed, “Have ye no regard for our Highland hospitality?” Then, softening slightly, he added to his daughter, “Lass, show some compassion and lift your back a wee bit—save the poor lad’s behind from the chilly floor!”

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