Funny Joke: Grandson’s Boomerang

Grandson’s Boomerang

On a holiday visit to his grandparents, a young man brought along a unique present to share: a boomerang from a local gift shop, eager to show his granddad the ropes of throwing it.

They stepped into the yard, and the young man presented the boomerang, explaining, “This is a cool toy straight from Australia. When you throw it correctly, it circles back to you.”

“Is that so?” his granddad responded, clearly interested. “How does that work?”

Holding the boomerang aloft, the young man instructed, “You need to grip it like so, swing your arm, and release it into the air,” and with that, he gave a demonstration toss.

However, the boomerang didn’t return, instead getting lost in the foliage.

“Hmm,” the young man muttered, a bit red-faced. “I must’ve made a mistake. I’ll have another go.”

Reaching for a spare boomerang, he attempted another throw, only to watch it too disappear into the distance.

Feeling rather sheepish, he apologized to his granddad. “It seems these boomerangs aren’t working right. Perhaps I should have picked a different gift.”

With a reassuring smile and a gentle pat, his granddad comforted him, saying, “No worries, my boy. It’s your intention that truly matters. And hey, I’ve got a surprise for you as well.”

“Really? What’s that?” the young man inquired, his interest piqued.

Dipping into his pocket, his granddad fetched a mobile phone, passing it to his grandson as he quipped, “Here’s a ‘boomer’ rang for you. Give me a ring, and I promise I’ll ring you back.”

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