Funny Joke: Detective Stevens (I’m sorry)

Detective Stevens (I’m sorry)

In the year 2352, America’s urban landscape has morphed into gargantuan metropolises known as Megacities. One such behemoth stretches from Memphis to Dallas, going by the name of Curio.

Detective Stevens found himself in a bar in the heart of Curio. It was just another bleak watering hole, hardly different from countless others scattered across the sprawling city. But this place… this was Curio, a sprawling jungle of concrete, where lawlessness and moral decay ran rampant. Stevens signaled for whiskey, opting for the bottle over a glass.

A local, sitting a few stools away, recognized the detective and clumsily approached, slurring about seeing Stevens’ face in the news. Stevens, uninterested, denied it, but his request to turn off the TV betrayed him.

As the drunk prodded him, calling him a hero for bringing down “The Cat,” the bartender suddenly perked up, offering the bottle on the house in honor of Stevens’ so-called heroics. But the attention was the last thing Stevens wanted as he vented his frustration about the label “hero.” He spoke the truth: “The Cat” was a 17-year-old kid caught up in the wrong game, not the monster the media had molded.

Stevens recounted the kid’s troubled past: his mom a drug addict, an absent father, and a childhood tarnished by crime. He shared how the youth got tangled with the Bonetti family, a dangerous syndicate, and became a notorious thief known as “The Cat.” When the conversation touched upon the myth of his murders, Stevens dismantled it as a farce to turn public opinion against the boy.

The detective, visibly troubled, revealed his final encounter with the teenager on a rooftop. Understanding that “The Cat” had secured a future for his siblings, Stevens committed the ultimate act of compassion disguised as justice. Amid his own emotional turmoil, he confessed to killing the kid to save him from a worse fate at the hands of the merciless Bonettis.

As the truth unfolded, patrons dwindled, leaving Stevens, the persistent drunk, and the bartender, who soon discreetly exited. Stevens broke down, his guilt overwhelming him. The man behind bore witness to this and, drawing a firearm, uttered his belief in Stevens’ story, indicting not the detective but Curio itself for the demise of “The Cat.”

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