Funny Joke: Dave goes to work and greets his boss.

Dave goes to work and greets his boss.

Dave’s boss greeted him cheerfully, “Morning, Dave, how are things?”

Dave smiled back, “All good! And you?”

“Can’t complain,” his boss replied.

With a confident grin, Dave boasted, “By the way, I’m buddies with everyone on earth. Pick any name, and I bet I know them personally.”

Skeptical, his boss challenged, “Fine. Impress me. What about Tom Cruise?”

They set off to Tom Cruise’s residence. Upon reaching, they rang the doorbell, and sure enough, Tom Cruise welcomed Dave with a hearty, “Dave! Long time! Let’s catch up over a drink!”

After socializing at Tom’s place, Dave reaffirmed, “See? I wasn’t kidding. I know every soul globally. Go on, test me again.”

Still unconvinced, the boss queried, “How about former President Obama?”

Nonchalantly, Dave responded, “Easy, I’m on good terms with all the folks there.”

In Washington, D.C., at the White House gates, the staff recognized Dave and whisked them straight to Obama, who was delighted to see Dave and took time out for a brief catch-up.

Reassured, yet again, Dave turned to his boss and said, “I hope you’re convinced now, but I’m ready for another challenge if you’ve got one.”

Doubtful of Dave’s worldwide reach, the boss proposed, “Okay, if you’re so connected, show me you know the Pope.”

Undeterred, Dave quipped, “Ah, the Pope and I are old pals! Let’s head to Vatican City.”

Arriving among the vast crowd in Vatican City, Dave disappeared into the guarded areas. Moments later, to the boss’s astonishment, Dave emerged on the balcony alongside Pope Francis. Concerned by the commotion below, Dave returned to find his boss being treated by paramedics. Dave learned he had collapsed in shock when someone in the crowd gasped in sheer disbelief, “Who that heck is up there beside Dave?”

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