Funny Joke: Centipede


One day, a fellow strolls into a pet emporium with a particular request. He says to the shopkeeper, “I’m on the hunt for a pet that’s not just for companionship, but also one that can lend me a hand around the house. As a bachelor, a little help wouldn’t go amiss.” The shopkeeper rubs his chin thoughtfully and says, “Ah, I’ve got just the thing for you: a centipede. Industrious creatures, they are! They’ll handle any task and follow directives like no other.”

The man is intrigued and decides to take a centipede home. That afternoon, he’s lounging in his chair while the centipede is perched comfortably on the sofa. The man calls out, “Centipede, if you wouldn’t mind, please tidy up the lounge.” A few moments later, like a whirlwind of efficiency, the lounge is immaculate. Sometime later, feeling a little peckish, the man asks, “Centipede, how about whipping up a sandwich for my lunch?” Sure enough, the kitchen buzzes with activity, and shortly, a delectable sandwich is presented to him.

However, halfway through his meal, the man notices his glass is empty. He requests, “Centipede, be a dear and scoot down to the store at the corner for a refreshing soda, will you?” The centipede obligingly heads out the door. An hour ticks by, yet there’s no sign of the centipede. Puzzled, considering the store’s proximity, the man decides it’s time to investigate.

Upon swinging his front door open, he spots the centipede hanging about on the stoop. Exasperated, the man asks, “What’s the holdup? It’s been an hour—where’s my soda?” The centipede turns and replies nonchalantly, “Hold your horses, I’m still lacing up – you try speeding up with 100 shoes to tie!”

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