Funny Joke: Attila’s snake. . .

Attila’s snake. . .

The legend tells of Attila the Hun, who had a passion for collecting wild beasts encountered on his military escapades. Among these creatures, a massive serpent won his favor, and it was rumored to accompany him on all his exploits.

Unfortunately, the snake’s enthusiasm for food waned, and it soon stopped eating altogether. The constant journeys and haphazard meals were likely taking a toll on the creature’s well-being.

Concerned, Attila turned to the local healers and mystics, seeking a cure. They were all at a loss until an elderly prophet recommended a diet for the serpent consisting exclusively of youthful maidens untouched by man.

Pleased with this advice, Attila was opportune to find recently conquered lands harboring a Christian nunnery, ideal for supplying his beloved snake.

Yet, even with the perfect meal before it, the serpent ignored the chaste offerings. Furious, Attila ordered the execution of the sage who had proposed the solution.

As he faced his demise, the sage asked for one final demonstration: the snake and a woman brought before him. His request granted out of sheer curiosity, the wise man then presented Attila with a loaf of bread.

“Hold this in your hands,” he instructed the conquering Hun. As Attila complied, the serpent instantly reacted with a ferocious hiss and devoured the maiden whole.

The sage then turned to the bewildered warlord and stated simply,

“Your giant snake doesn’t care for any, unless bread’s in your grasp, mighty Hun.”

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