Funny Joke: An unsuccessful missionary

An unsuccessful missionary

A dedicated missionary found himself in a secluded village, tirelessly sharing his faith for months without any of the locals embracing it. Disheartened, he sat in his hut one evening when the tribal leader stopped by for a chat.

“Listen, we appreciate your efforts, but your tales are a bit puzzling. Can you simplify your beliefs for me so I can at least grasp the basics?” the chief asked.

The missionary exhaled deeply and began his explanation: “The core of our faith is about a man named Jesus Christ. His father, who we believe is divine, sent him to be the ruler. But instead of being accepted, he was mocked, questioned, and ultimately killed by the rulers of that time. Astonishingly, three days after his death, he rose from his grave! He instructed his followers to spread word of this miraculous event to all peoples so they can avoid divine punishment.”

“So that’s your reason for being with us? But how are you so sure God took part in this?” inquired the chief.

“It’s the consistency in the stories of his return! It seems far-fetched to think it’s all fiction. Imagine, if you had a successor appointed for your tribe, and even after you dealt with him, he appeared again, alive and well?” the missionary posed the question.

The chief pondered for a brief moment, then with a knowing smile, remarked, “Well, I’d guess it’s time to find better executioners and ask them to double-check their work!”

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