Funny Joke: Albert is tired of getting rained on all the time, finds a genie, and makes a wish.

Albert is tired of getting rained on all the time, finds a genie, and makes a wish.

Albert, tired of constantly getting rained on, stumbles upon a genie and makes a request.

“I want to stay dry forever. No more rain,” Albert pleads with the genie.

The genie responds blandly, “As you wish.”

A few days later, a light mist begins to fall, and Albert finds himself getting wet. Frustrated, he goes back to the genie and complains, “I specifically asked for no rain. What’s going on?”

“Oh,” the genie replies nonchalantly, “this isn’t rain, just a tiny mist.”

Realizing his mistake, Albert grumbles but decides to give it another shot. However, the precipitation increases, and he remains soaked. Annoyed, he questions the genie, “What about now? You haven’t kept your promise.”

The genie smirks and retorts, “This is merely a sprinkle, not rain.”

Accepting the genie’s logic, Albert waits patiently. As expected, the downpour intensifies, but Albert still isn’t spared from getting wet. “Surely this is rain!” he exclaims.

The genie chuckles and shakes his head. “Nope. This is just a drizzle.”

Growing more frustrated, Albert waits yet again. Eventually, the water comes pouring down heavily. Both Albert and the genie are completely drenched. Albert stares in disbelief and demands, “This has to be rain, right?”

The genie maintains a straight face and coolly replies, “Nope. This is a torrential downpour.”

Completely soaked and defeated, Albert confronts the genie, “You owe me a wish.”

Puzzled, the genie questions, “How so?”

With a rueful smile, Albert gazes into the distance and states, “Because what you’ve given me isn’t a wish; it’s a joke.”

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