Funny Joke: A young woman visits a florist to get some flowers for her mother.

A young woman visits a florist to get some flowers for her mother.

As she’s browsing, she spots the most stunning rose she’s ever seen sitting next to the cashier, and asks about its price.

“Oh, sorry,” the cashier responds. “That one’s not for sale. I received it as a gift from a fellow florist for setting him up with a woman I met yesterday.”

“Yesterday?!” she exclaims. “How did they hit it off so quickly?”

“Well, he’s quite attractive and an amazing lover, for starters. He’s also a genuinely nice person. And, just between you and me,” he leans in, whispering, “he happens to be extremely well-endowed!”

She blushes and giggles. “Sounds intriguing! Where can I find him?”

“He’s just a block away. But fair warning…he’s a little offbeat. He’s only interested in women with flower names. So whenever I encounter a lady with a floral name, I send her his way.”

He points at the rose. “In return, he sends me a flower as a thank you. Yesterday it was Rose. A week ago, he sent me Violet,” he says, gesturing towards a slightly wilted violet in a vase behind him.

The woman thanks him and exits, secretly regretting her own name. Nevertheless, she decides to visit the well-endowed florist’s shop. Approaching the counter confidently, she casually mentions, “I heard you have some exceptional skills in certain areas?”

He smirks. “Word does get around. And who might you be?”

She grins. “I was referred by your friend down the street. Perhaps you can…provide me with some assistance?”

“Perhaps,” he says, “but first, what is your name?”

She hesitates, then pouts slightly as she responds, “Kristen, but everyone calls me Kris.”

His smile falters, and disappointment washes over his face as he shakes his head. Kris’s heart sinks, realizing she has just ruined her chance.

“Well then…if it’s not too much trouble, I would like to buy some flowers for my mother.”

“Of course, what type of…” Suddenly, he brightens up again. Without saying another word, he locks the shop door, swoops in, and embraces her passionately.

Three hours of blissful pleasure later, she bids him farewell with a kiss as he presents her with a complimentary bouquet for her mother.

“And please,” he says, “let your dear mother know that she is welcome to as many flowers as she desires from my shop.”

Overwhelmed with ecstasy, she promises to relay the message and calls her mother that night to share everything.

The following day, Kris feels ecstatic and visits the original florist’s shop again.

“I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to that charming gentleman! He was absolutely incredible!”

He smiles sheepishly. “I suppose I should thank you as well. I received another gorgeous flower for recommending you to him.”

“Really? What flower could possibly bear my name?”

The florist sighs. “Chrysanthemum.”

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