Funny Joke: A tourist returns back home

A tourist returns back home

After an adventurous vacation across Asia, engaging in unprotected escapades, a tourist returns to the US and discovers that his manhood is now adorned with an alarming array of green and purple marks. In a panic, he rushes to the nearest doctor.

Upon inspection, the doctor gravely announces, “My friend, you’ve contracted the rare ‘Mongolian Technicolor Phallus Condition’. It’s quite severe, and I regret to inform you that immediate amputation is the only solution.”

Horrified, the tourist hastily redresses and seeks a second opinion, this time consulting a Chinese physician.

The new doctor takes one look and confirms, “Ah, the classic signs of Mongolian Technicolor Phallus Condition.”

“Yes, but the previous doctor insisted on amputation,” the tourist replies anxiously.

The Chinese doctor chuckles, “Oh, those American doctors and their fondness for surgery, always so eager for the next fee! Fear not, my friend; no need for such drastic action. Just be patient for a couple of weeks; it’ll resolve itself.”

Overjoyed at this prognosis, the man nearly weeps in gratitude. “Thank you, doctor! This is a huge relief!”

Waving away the man’s thanks with a smile, the doctor adds, “Think nothing of it! Just let nature take its course; your penis will fall off on its own in time.”

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