Funny Joke: A sixty year old man with a history of heart problems ends up on the transplant list.

A sixty year old man with a history of heart problems ends up on the transplant list.

He waited nine long years to reach the top of the transplant list, and another three to match with a compatible donor. His devoted wife supported him throughout every step, accompanying him to all the medical consultations, discussing the minutiae of the surgery, his medication regimen, the recovery process, and the anticipated improvements in his life.

She remained his pillar of strength, sitting anxiously in the hospital waiting room during the hours of his operation, seeking updates from the medical staff. When the good news came—the surgery was a success—relief washed over her.

Her husband’s hospital stay extended for a week, during which she inquired daily about a mysterious “letter.” Her husband, ever so patient, reassured her each time that the matter would be taken care of.

On discharge day, eager to ensure everything was in order, she queried the surgeon about the letter. “Absolutely,” he confirmed, “it’ll be with his release documents.”

Content, she stepped out to fetch their vehicle, and in her absence, the surgeon, puzzled, sought clarification on the letter. The husband, with a wry smile, requested, “She’s been wanting a written statement from you confirming I can engage in sexual activity.”

The surgeon, amused yet understanding, agreed, “Certainly, I can write that.”

“One small thing,” added the husband. “Could you possibly address it ‘To Whom It May Concern’?”

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