Funny Joke: A married couple and a single man are stranded on a deserted island after their cruise ship sinks….

A married couple and a single man are stranded on a deserted island after their cruise ship sinks. [Long] [NSFW]

Stranded for several weeks with no sign of rescue, the feelings between the married woman and the single man on the island intensified. The urge to connect romantically was undeniable, yet the woman’s husband proved to be an ever-present obstacle. Craving intimacy, they became determined to find a solution.

One afternoon, the single man scaled a tall palm tree to scan the horizon for any sign of salvation while the couple rested on the sandy shore below. Suddenly, an exclamation from above broke the tranquil silence, “Hey! You two need to stop that right now!”

Confused, the husband called out, “Stop what?”

The man in the tree shouted back, “I mean it, stop having sex!”

Baffled, the husband retorted, “What are you talking about? We’re not even touching each other!”

“From up here, it appears you’re in the midst of it, clear as day!” the single man insisted.

Growing curious, the husband replied, “Fine, I’ll see for myself what this nonsense is all about.” He began to climb the tree.

Seizing the opportunity, as soon as the husband was out of sight among the palm fronds, the wife and the single man hastily undressed and embraced passionately on the sandy beach.

When the husband reached the top, he peered down and exclaimed in astonishment, “Wow, from this vantage point, it really does look like you two are engaging in the act!”

Note: This joke has been retold in a modern context but is inspired by an ancient tale, thus preserving its classic structure while adding a contemporary twist.

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