Funny Joke: A man wants to retile his floors with real stone

A man wants to retile his floors with real stone

A man approached a stonemason to inquire about stone prices for his project.

The mason responded, “The cost is really driven by your financial plan and the level of quality you desire.”

The customer suggested, “How about we start from the more affordable options and make our way upward?”

In the showroom, the mason presented the first set: “This is limestone. It’s the budget-friendly choice at $11 per square foot. However, its durability isn’t top-notch.”

“I’d prefer not to replace it any time soon,” the man remarked.

The mason then pointed to a stack of plain gray stone: “Consider slate—reliable, more durable, and it’s going for $22 per square foot currently.”

“I was hoping for something a bit more eye-catching,” the man mused.

The stonemason led the man past an ignored third pile, vibrant in variety, to the fourth, which showcased exquisite marble with intricate blue and pink veining amidst earthy hues. “Marble is the cream of the crop, eye-catching and long-lasting. It’s priced at $114 per square foot.”

Gulping at the price, the man then inquired, “Wait, why did you skip that third pile?”

The stonemason glanced over his shoulder and replied in surprise, “That middle pile? That’s granite, and I’m afraid it’s off the table.”

Puzzled, the customer asked, “And why is that?”

With a wry smile, the stonemason answered, “These days, it’s a rocky market—you can’t just assume you’re set in stone with granite!”

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