Funny Joke: A man goes to a movie theater

A man goes to a movie theater

As the film begins, a fellow with a gleaming dome parks himself right in the line of sight of another man, and the cinema’s glare bounces off the polished pate. The obstructed viewer can hardly catch a glimpse of the screen and muses, “I ought to tap him on the noggin,” but then second-guesses, mulling over the thought, “The guy’s a mountain… he’d flatten me.”

Suddenly, Joe takes a seat beside him.

Leaning close to Joe, the man proposes, “Give that chrome dome a tap for me, will ya? There’s $50 in it for you.”

Joe, unable to turn down the offer, thwacks the bald man and calls out, “Oh, Steve, it’s you!”

The man with the shiny scalp swivels around and retorts, “I’m not Steve, pal.”

Joe quickly apologizes, “My bad,” and pockets the $50.

The man, spotting a continuing scheme, entices Joe with, “Another go, and $100 is yours.”

Undeterred, Joe delivers another smack, insisting, “You’re Steve! Stop playing games.”

Annoyed and far from amused, the bald man declares, “I am NOT Steve!” and finds himself a new spot.

Meanwhile, the instigator is no longer engrossed in the flick but rather fixated on tracking the bald man. He spots him in a new seat and nudges Joe, saying, “There! He’s relocated. One more whack, and everything I’ve got is yours.”

Joe hops up, approaches the bald man, and smacks him once more, exclaiming, “Steve! So you did come? I’ve spent the last 30 minutes slapping the wrong guy, thinking you were him!”

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