Funny Joke: A joke I came up with that I told people in a dream this morning…

A joke I came up with that I told people in a dream this morning…

An Italian seafood corporation’s vessel faced an aquatic mishap off the coast of Maine, spilling cargo of countless live lobsters into the briny deep. A local fisherman from Maine, beleaguered by a bout of poor fortunes, set sail promptly to seize this serendipitous bounty of crustaceans before the Italians could reclaim their aquatic escapees.

With no precise location of the underwater spill, the fisherman haphazardly threw his net in hopes of ensnaring the sea creatures. Several hours in with minimal success, his haul amounted to merely a handful of lobsters. Dismayed and at the end of his tether, he decides to return home. As he prepares to leave, a peculiar voice emerges from the confines of his lobster trap, pleading, “Please, kind sir, spare our lives! We mean you no harm!”

Astounded yet curious, the fisherman responds, “I’ve been toiling away, trying to capture those Italian lobsters. Rumor had it there were masses of them, yet here I am with just you few.”

The little crustacean orator quickly retorts, “I am privy to their whereabouts and will cunningly guide them to your trap if you release me and my companions!”

The fisherman, mulling it over, decides to acquiesce. He follows the lobster’s pointed directives and attaches the articulate lobster to a line as a lobsterly scout. Thrown back into the ocean, the creature vanishes from sight, only to return to the surface after a while.

Alas, the anticipated lobster trove remains untrapped. The fisherman inquires, “What’s the matter? How come they didn’t take the bait?”

The lobster sighs and admits, “I couldn’t persuade them—they kept scoffing at me.”

Puzzled, the fisherman asks, “Well, what were they saying?”

To which the lobster woefully confesses, “Beats me! I don’t speak a word of Italian!”

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