Funny Joke: A guy sees a sign in front of a house that says “Talking Dog: $10:

A guy sees a sign in front of a house that says “Talking Dog: $10:

He approaches the entrance, where a charming Labrador retriever greets him in the yard.

“Greetings, how’s it going?” the dog inquires.

“Wow, you actually speak!”

“Indeed, I certainly do,” replies the dog.

“What’s your tale?” the man queries.

“As a pup, I realized I had the gift of gab, so I got in touch with the local cops to see if they could use my skills in covert operations. They took me on board to sniff out drug rings. All I had to do was loiter and eavesdrop because nobody ever suspects a pooch.”

“That’s remarkable,” the visitor responds.

“Then word got to the FBI, and they recruited me to infiltrate terror cells. Just by lounging near the ringleaders and listening, I foiled numerous plots.”

“Absolutely astounding!”

“Eventually, INTERPOL rang me up, and I spent some time rooting out espionage. I blew the cover on quite a few spy rings and safeguarded our nation.”

“You’re a real marvel!”

“Nowadays, I’m enjoying retirement. I can mate to my heart’s content and live the good life.”

Intrigued, the man knocks on the door, and the homeowner answers.

“I’m interested in purchasing your dog,” he mentions, eyeing the sign.

The homeowner nods.

“One question though. His life sounds exceptional. Why offer him at such a bargain?”

“That dog?” snorts the owner. “Don’t trust a word he says. He hasn’t done a lick of that stuff!”

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