Funny Joke: A guy is playing golf on a new course

A guy is playing golf on a new course

During his golf round, a man becomes confused about which hole he’s on, so he approaches the lady playing ahead and asks for assistance. She informs him that he’s just a hole behind her – if she’s on the 7th, he’s on the 6th. He thanks her and moves on. The scenario repeats later, and she helps him once again, saying she’s on the 14th and thus he must be on the 13th.

After the round, at the clubhouse bar, the man sees the helpful golfer and offers her a drink to express gratitude. As they chat, he learns she’s in sales, which coincidentally is also his profession. Upon inquiring about her product, she hesitates but eventually reveals she sells tampons. Unable to contain himself, the man bursts into laughter. She chides him for reacting exactly as she predicted, but between chuckles, he explains that it’s not the product that’s amusing him but rather the coincidence: he sells toilet paper, so once again, he’s humorously “one hole behind” her.

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