Funny Joke: A deacon, late for mass, runs toward the church and enters through the door.

A deacon, late for mass, runs toward the church and enters through the door.

Upon entering the church, the deacon is met with an eerie silence. At the altar, there’s a sense of panic as a priest is beside himself, tending to an elderly man who had collapsed on the ground.

“Father, what in the world happened here?” the deacon inquired, alarmed.

“It’s been a day of horrors,” the priest lamented. “It seems that demonic energies overtook the congregation.”

With a heavy heart, the priest recounted:

“After mass, as I began to distribute communion, a series of strange events unfolded. The first parishioner to receive the Eucharist immediately turned a shade of crimson, his nose frothing, before he tore out of the church, cursing to the heavens.

Next, an altar boy was sent to retrieve him, and I proceeded to give communion to a woman. No sooner had she taken the host than she erupted in a feral scream, saliva frothing at her mouth, and she darted into the sacristy, locking herself in.

Despite the chaos, an elderly gentleman insisted he receive communion too. But as soon as the host touched his lips, he winced, groaned, and then, to my horror, his false teeth shot out followed by a spew of vomit, and down he went, stone-cold on the floor.

That’s when the congregation scattered in a frenzy.”

The deacon shook his head in shock and muttered, “We might need a whole squad of exorcists for this one, Father.”

Seeking to shift topics, the priest then prodded, “Speaking of shock, why were you delayed today?”

The deacon, scratching his head, replied, “Oh, forgive me, Father. I had a restless night and stopped to pick up some antacids. I think I might’ve left my fizzy tablets here yesterday… You haven’t come across them, have you?”

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