A PETA activist visits a small ranch in Utah

A PETA activist visits a small ranch in Utah.

After meeting the farmhands and inspecting the facilities, the activist asks the rancher:

“So, what do you give to the pigs to eat?”

“Well, pigs don’t need much to live.  I give them scraps and food from the fridge that is almost spoilt, that sort of thing.”

“That’s a grave violation of animal rights.  You are abusing those poor animals.  I’m filing a complaint so you will be fined!”

After some weeks an UN ambassador visits the ranch.  After checking the facilities and meeting the farmhands, the man asks the rancher:

“What do you feed the pigs?”

This time, the rancher is better prepared:

“The best food around here, eggs, fresh vegetables, whole milk…”

“What!  Such a waste of food!  There are children in this very country that suffer from hunger while you give full meals to pigs!  I’m reporting on you so you will be fined!”

A month passes and a man visits the ranch.  After visiting the facilities and greeting the farmhands he asks the rancher:

“What kind of food do you give to the pigs?”

“Look here, man, every morning I give each $5 and they can go and eat whatever they fucking want.”