15 Weird Celebrity Superstitions That Will Leave You Speechless

Superstitions are ingrained in human culture, and celebrities are no exception to this. They may have fame, fortune, and adoring fans, but they also possess some strange beliefs that may leave us speechless. Here are fifteen weird celebrity superstitions that will make you question just how different the lives of the rich and famous truly are.

1. Justin Bieber’s Wayward Sneakers:
Justin Bieber apparently believes that wearing mismatched sneakers brings good luck. This odd belief has led him to sport different shoes on several occasions.

2. Christina Ricci’s Pre-Performance Ritual:
Before going on stage or in front of the camera, Christina Ricci has a peculiar pre-performance ritual. She reportedly taps her knuckles with a special ring to ensure a successful performance.

3. Megan Fox and Her Fear of Dry Paper:
Megan Fox is terrified of dry paper, so much so that she cannot touch it without cringing. This strange phobia means she prefers using wet wipes instead of traditional tissue paper.

4. Kesha and Her Vintage Clothes Obsession:
Kesha believes that wearing vintage clothes enhances her aura and brings her good luck. She is often spotted in unique, retro outfits that are said to possess positive energy.

5. Madonna’s Not-So-Fresh Policy:
Madonna has an unusual policy when it comes to hotels. She reportedly travels with her own furniture to replace hotel room items, believing that used furniture carries negative energy.

6. Kirsten Dunst and Her Tooth Oddity:
Kirsten Dunst possesses a rather odd habit of collecting her own fallen teeth. She even admitted to having a jar filled with her baby teeth as a remembrance of her childhood.

7. Johnny Depp’s Fear of Clowns:
Johnny Depp’s aversion to clowns is more than just a fear; it is a deep-rooted superstition. He believes that being near clowns invites bad luck and has publicly shared his fear on numerous occasions.

8. Taylor Swift’s Cat Prepares Her for the Red Carpet:
Taylor Swift claims that her cat, Olivia Benson, helps her choose outfits for red carpet events. She relies on her feline friend’s reactions when deciding which dress to wear, as she believes cats have a special sense of style.

9. Cate Blanchett’s “Theatrical” Alcohol Superstition:
Cate Blanchett, like many theater actors, believes that saying the word “Macbeth” inside a theater brings bad luck. Instead, she refers to the play as “The Scottish Play” to avoid any potential jinx.

10. Katy Perry’s Obsession with the Number Nine:
Katy Perry is obsessed with the number nine. She believes it holds mystical powers and regularly adds up numbers to check if they equal nine. She even named her perfume “Purr” as a play on the word, emphasizing her attachment to the number.

11. Kim Kardashian’s Jewelry Ritual:
Kim Kardashian is reportedly extremely superstitious when it comes to her jewelry. She believes that opal brings bad luck and avoids wearing it altogether. On the other hand, she considers the Armenian evil eye lucky and ensures she always wears one.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Emergency Exits:
Leonardo DiCaprio is so paranoid about fire hazards that he insists on knowing where the closest emergency exits are in any room he enters. He is known for his keen awareness of fire safety, ensuring he can exit easily if the need arises.

13. Oprah Winfrey and Her Magazine Ritual:
Oprah Winfrey believes in writing a gratitude journal daily. Furthermore, she considers her own Oprah Magazine as a good-luck charm and never boards a plane without a copy by her side.

14. Victoria Beckham’s Trying Ritual:
Victoria Beckham has an unusual ritual when it comes to trying on new shoes. She reportedly walks around her store wearing only one shoe to ensure it brings her good luck before purchasing it.

15. Britney Spears’ Mirror Frenzy:
Britney Spears reveals a peculiar superstition involving mirrors. She believes that looking into a broken mirror creates seven years of bad luck. Therefore, she avoids them at all costs and probably spends a lot of time double-checking for cracks.

Celebrities may live in a world of glamor and luxury, but their superstitions prove that beneath the glitz and glamour, they are just as human as the rest of us. Whether it’s wearing mismatched shoes or avoiding broken mirrors, these superstitions reveal the quirky side of some of the world’s most famous individuals.

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