15 Quirky Celebrity Traditions That Will Leave You Amazed

15 Quirky Celebrity Traditions That Will Leave You Amazed

1. Beyoncé’s Annual Pizza Party


Every year, Beyoncé throws an extravagant pizza party for her friends and family. This tradition started back in her Destiny’s Child days and has become a beloved event in her circle.

2. Tom Hanks’ Typewriter Collection


Tom Hanks is an avid collector of vintage typewriters. He has a large collection of these machines and often uses them to type out letters and notes.

3. Ellen DeGeneres’ Dance Party


Before every episode of her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres hosts a dance party backstage to get herself and her crew energized. This tradition has become an integral part of the show’s success.

4. Johnny Depp’s Pen Collection


Johnny Depp is known for his love of unconventional accessories. One of his obsessions is collecting unique pens, which he often uses to write letters and autographs.

5. Lady Gaga’s Pre-Show Ritual


Before every performance, Lady Gaga takes a moment to meditate and visualize a successful show. She believes this helps her connect with her audience on a deeper level.

6. Will Smith’s Annual Skydiving Adventure


Will Smith has a tradition of celebrating his birthdays by going on a thrilling skydiving adventure. He finds it a perfect way to conquer his fears and embrace new challenges.

7. Oprah Winfrey’s Gratitude Journal


Oprah Winfrey keeps a gratitude journal where she writes down five things she is thankful for every day. This habit helps her maintain a positive mindset and appreciate life’s blessings.

8. Ed Sheeran’s LEGO Projects


During his downtime, Ed Sheeran loves to build LEGO sets. He finds it a relaxing and creative activity that allows him to unwind and focus his mind on something different.

9. Katy Perry’s Toothbrush Collection


Katy Perry collects unique and quirky toothbrushes from around the world. She finds this habit to be a fun way to remind herself of the different places she has visited.

10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Early Morning Workouts


Dwayne Johnson is known for his intense workout regimen. He wakes up at 4:00 am every day to start his training, believing that it sets the tone for a productive day ahead.

11. Rihanna’s Secret Recipe Sundays


Rihanna loves cooking and often hosts “Secret Recipe Sundays” at her home. She invites friends over to share delicious homemade meals and enjoy quality time together.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Environmental Initiatives


Leonardo DiCaprio is passionate about environmental conservation. As a tradition, he donates a portion of his earnings to various organizations dedicated to preserving nature.

13. Jennifer Aniston’s Cupping Therapy


Jennifer Aniston is known to be a fan of cupping therapy. This traditional Chinese practice involves placing heated cups on the skin to promote relaxation and relieve muscle tension.

14. Justin Timberlake’s Miniature Golf Competition


Justin Timberlake loves playing mini-golf during his downtime. He often challenges his friends to friendly competitions and enjoys the fun and relaxed atmosphere it provides.

15. Kim Kardashian’s Family Photo Albums


Kim Kardashian maintains detailed and elaborate photo albums documenting her family’s experiences and milestones. This tradition helps her create lasting memories and preserve precious moments.

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