10 Celebrities with Astonishing Hidden Skills


10 Celebrities with Astonishing Hidden Skills

1. Johnny Depp – Guitarist and Musician


Known for his captivating performances on the big screen, Johnny Depp is also an accomplished guitarist. He has played alongside rock legends such as Marilyn Manson and has even performed on stage with the band Oasis.

2. Emma Watson – Linguist


Aside from her acting prowess, Emma Watson is fluent in several languages. The talented actress speaks English, French, and German, showcasing her impressive linguistic abilities.

3. Steve Martin – Banjo Player


Renowned actor and comedian Steve Martin is also an exceptional banjo player. He has released albums showcasing his impressive musical skills and has even won Grammy Awards for his banjo performances.

4. Justin Bieber – Rubik’s Cube Wizard


While Justin Bieber’s music career has taken center stage, he is also a master at solving Rubik’s cubes. He can solve the puzzle in under two minutes and has even challenged other celebrities to cube races.

5. Sandra Bullock – Accordion Player


Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock is not just talented in front of the camera but also as an accordion player. She has showcased her accordion skills in various public appearances.

6. Tom Hanks – Typewriter Collector


Beloved actor Tom Hanks has a hidden passion for typewriters. He is an avid collector and even wrote a book called “Uncommon Type” that features stories inspired by different typewriters in his collection.

7. Jason Lee – Professional Skateboarder


Before finding success in Hollywood, Jason Lee was a professional skateboarder. He had a prominent career in the skateboarding industry before transitioning to acting, starring in movies such as “Mallrats” and the TV show “My Name Is Earl.”

8. Cole Sprouse – Photographer


Famous for his role in the hit series “Riverdale,” Cole Sprouse is also a talented photographer. He has displayed his photography in various galleries and even had his work published in prestigious magazines.

9. Brian May – Astrophysicist


Known as the lead guitarist of the legendary rock band Queen, Brian May also holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics. He has contributed to scientific research and has authored books related to his field of expertise.

10. Geena Davis – Professional Archer


Aside from her successful acting career, Geena Davis is an accomplished archer. She represented the United States in the 2000 Summer Olympics and is an advocate for gender equality in sports.

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